best sellers for her

“You love the Bathe products, but you’re just not sure what scent you want. Bathe “Best Sellers for Her” gives you a little bit of both worlds. Start your skin care routine using our salt scrub and shower lotion with “Inn at the Springs” lovely spa scent. It’s delicate enough to be feminine, but also pleasing for men. Hubby will love it and want to use it too! Bathe body mist is excellent on the go item for you to freshen up with after work, or right before you meet your friends for a drink. The spray has the scent “Bathe by Robin” — yes, that would be me! It’s a rich, subtle, sexy scent of sandalwood, patchouli, bergamot, and a hint of buttercream.  My personal favorite!  Then tonight after your long day, soak in our bubbling bath salts and recover your emotions in balance with fragrance of ylang-ylang and neroli.  Bathe bath & body is confident you will love any one of these best sellers.”

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